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PT. TOM COCOCHA INDONESIA is the only authorized importer of the Brand Al Fakher tobacco in indonesia, high quality tobacco products to offer to Al Fakher customers worldwide. All Al Fakher products are manufactured using flavors according to European Union regulations and selected high quality tobacco. The reputation of the Al Fakher brand which was first recognized in Europe spread to other regions in a short time and then to Asia and America and now PT. TOM COCOCHA INDONESIA has two Authorized Distributors to serve sales in Indonesia, namely PT. RAYAN SAM WALI Indonesia and PT. Bali Shisha Indonesia.

Selling Product No 1 in the World

Al Fakher leads the shisha sector in
carry out scientific studies to help
interested parties understand shisha tobacco products. not without risk, but judgment
evidence based on Al Fakher's product itself is important.
Al Fakher conducts scientific studies and analysis into
product launched. Al Fakher started out as
shisha manufacturer in 1999. Until now,
Al Fakher has been sold in more than 100 countries and earned the trust and loyalty of shisha lovers around the world. While maintaining
commitment to product quality.

Al Fakher also focuses on implementing
various ways to please its customers.
Consistent and innovative quality shisha and delicious,
will continue to push us forward.


The power of true taste


Distinctive taste that includes the best refrigerants


Delicate apple taste combined with sweet and sour taste


a soft and light blend with a minty flavour.


A blend of tropical fruit with earthy and woody flavours.


Rich, fresh ripe mango flavor with a delicate touch.


A dense tropical blend of taste and aroma.


A signature citrus delight with a zesty taste that lasts.


Perfectly balanced tangy peach flavor with a very smooth texture.


Mixed wine taste with a delicate aroma.


Shisha's unique culture and history spans centuries across continents, and brings together features from diverse communities around the world.

Enjoying shisha has been a social and cultural activity since its first appearance in India in the 16th century. The tradition developed from Persia in the 17th century, to Turkey in the 18th century, Egypt and Pakistan in the 19th century, and continued to Western Europe and the United States as the world became more globally connected and migrants brought their culture there.

Today, enjoying shisha together has become a symbol of respect, friendliness and social intimacy in many communities. Shisha molasses usually contains between 15% to 25% tobacco.
The rest consists of molasses, glycerin and flavorings. The shisha molasses is heated, not burnt.

An external heating element sourced from charcoal, is placed over a bowl containing molasses. Typically, shisha molasses is heated to about 190°C, releasing an aerosol consisting of 60% water, 15% glycerol and 25% dry particles that include flavor and nicotine.

The use of shisha is usually occasional. It takes time and skill to prepare and cannot be carried around as easily as other tobacco or nicotine products. Shisha is generally enjoyed in community activities, weekly or monthly.

A study in the United States found that 90% of shisha users enjoy it once a month, while in Germany, the German Federal Risk Institute estimates that on average they enjoy shisha twice a week.

customer satisfaction


"It wasn't easy to get Al Fakher, but once I got it, I was very satisfied."

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No other shisha tobacco product can match the quality of Al Fakher"

"It is very suitable for my taste, will not switch to another product."



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