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A hookah is a single or multi-stemmed instrument for vaporizing and sucking a flavored tobacco called a shisha, in which the vapor or smoke is passed through a container of water (usually made of glass) before being inhaled. Depending on the placement of the coal on top of the shisha, the hookah can be used to produce smoke by burning the shisha or used to create water vapor by melting it at a lower temperature. The origin of the hookah water pipe is from the time of the Safavid dynasty in the Persian empire which extended to India. Hookah or Argyleh soon reached Egypt and the Levant during the Ottoman dynasty where it became very popular and the mechanism was later perfected. The word hookah is a derivative of “huqqa”, an Arabic term. Hookah smoking has gained popularity beyond its native regions of North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Tanzania, and South Africa, largely because of immigrants from the Levant who shared social traditions with the new world.

1. Make sure all connecting parts of your Hookah are airtight (bowl to rod, rod to base, and hose to rod). Unless your hookah has screw parts, this is usually done with rubber grommets sold specifically for hookahs. If you have an air leak in any of these areas and need a homemade solution, try tearing a small piece of tissue, dampening it slightly, then wrapping it around the area you want to connect.
2. A good method of getting cooler smoke is to drop some ice into the water (after adding the ice, make sure the water level is no more than 1 to 1.5 inches above the bar line).
3. Be sure to mix the tobacco in the package before use. This helps maintain a consistent amount of juice/flavor and the right composition, bowl after bowl.
4. If you find the tobacco very juicy, don't be afraid to squeeze it a little to remove some of the excess. If it's too wet, it may be difficult to get a good smoke. But if it's too dry, it will be tough.
5. If you find a large tobacco stick, don't throw it away, just cut it! The tobacco sticks are soaked with flavorings and will help keep your session longer.
6. Cut large tobacco leaves to make them smaller because large leaves can block airflow.

7. Sprinkle tobacco in your bowl. The amount of tobacco you sprinkle should be slightly above the rim of the bowl. Too much tobacco will restrict airflow. Too little tobacco will also be difficult for the coals to heat.

8.Before covering the tobacco in your bowl with foil, make a pencil-wide hole in the center of the tobacco for better ventilation.

9. The shiny side of the Hookah foil should be on the bottom.

10. Make as many pin-sized holes in the foil as you like. The more holes, the better the airflow. Avoid larger holes as you don't want the coal to come into direct contact with the tobacco. After poking the hole, carefully open the foil, loosen the tobacco again, making the hole the width of a pencil and then carefully re-wrap the foil.